“Having looked on internet after my BMW N47 engine became noisy, found Steve @Prestige German Engines, a telephone call and the car was collected on the Friday, the car was ready the following Wednesday. I was kept updated by text, the engine was fitted with new chains guides and tensioners and is now running well. I would like to thank Steve and his colleague for the efficient way it was handled.”

Trevor C. Norfolk (18-1-2017)

“After the timing chain failed on my 2008 320D M Sport Tourer without warning, i trawled the internet to consider my options. As i am an engineer myself and have friends in the motor trade, i knew that the engine was badly damaged and needed to come out for repair or exchange. Figures of up to £8,000 were being thrown around on the forums for the repair at BMW main dealership. Quite frightening.

I stumbled across Steve’s website quite by chance. I gave him a call. I liked the “no nonsense” way he laid out the details of what occurs when the chain breaks and his detailed explanation of the manner in which he had successfully rebuilt around 200 N47 engines already. He welcomed us to visit him at his workshop to discuss things further.

We realised that this was going to be a laborious and technical rebuild. Not one that any run of the mill motor trade technician should really take on. He openly showed us some old damaged parts from rebuilt N47 engines and explained his approach to the repair using BMW`s revised parts. It was refreshing to be given confidence that the job would be done properly. Many independent technicians would just source an exchange engine that could potentially end up giving the same problems. It’s the easy option, but its money down the drain. Steve told me that he gives 12 months warranty on all his work. This sealed the deal for me so we shook hands and i left him with it.

I can say that having picked the car up, the engine now sounds completely different. It’s smooth and so much quieter than before. The price was what he quoted, there were no hidden extras.

I’m over the moon with the job these guys have done and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. If you want a perfect job with a guarantee, at a fair price then you have found the right people to do it.”

Richard Drury (21st November 2013)

“Hi Steve

I just wanted to say many thanks indeed for your prompt and professional service. After finding your very informative and helpful website and then discussing the problem in person with you, it didn’t take me long to decide to use your services.

If one thinks in the long term about future reliability and lifetime performance for the vehicle then I feel there is no other choice to solve this problem and have peace of mind. I consider it now the only option to resolve this issue.

As a professional motor dealer I am also pleased to hand the car back to a very delighted customer. I will unhesitatingly recommend you and your company to anyone in the future. The lift from the station was appreciated as well!

Kind regards”

David Smith (Proprietor)
Dever Cars
Winchester, Hants
8th Oct 2013

“Steve collected the car after engine failure due to 3 swirl flaps failing. After an extensive rebuild at a very reasonable price, I got the car back about 1 week later and it is running smoother and sweeter than it ever did. Highly recommended! Don’t have a second hand engine from a scrap yard fitted, you could be in the same position in 3 months time…”

Bob Hignett (Lymm Cheshire)

“After tens of dubious responses found all over the internet, I came across Steve’s advert on e-Bay and that was the end of my problems. Steve was clear, honest and delivered way more than I would ever expect of a mechanic. I guess that’s why we now ONLY use Steve for any requirement that me and my family have. I would recommend Steve with confidence.”

Luca Senatore BMW 320D

“Faced with a huge bill when my 2008 BMW 320D Touring (N47 Engine) engine went bang on the M6; yes just like hundreds of others out there, the cam chain had snapped. I had the car recovered to my home. This gave me time to consider my options and understand the problem, and to talk to my BMW dealer who failed to diagnose the rattle (they never even returned my call!) I spoke to a lot of people. But one Saturday I found Steve Baker from a classified ad on Ebay. There were lots of ads, and lots of recommendations from BMW Specialists etc, but Steve was the first guy I spoke to who actually seemed know what he was talking about! He sounded honest, and very knowledgeable. Two rare commodities today!

So I decided to send the car to him. He had it one late Thursday afternoon and said he would start to strip it on Saturday morning, and would send me pictures of the broken bits etc by the end of Saturday, and the car would be washed and ready early the following week. Late the following Tuesday he told me the car was ready. I collected it first thing Wednesday morning, it was washed and cleaned both on the outside and under the bonnet, and the engine sounded like it should! The work was exactly as quoted no extras fees etc etc. I agreed to write a testimonial for Steve as he is a very rare commodity, someone who does what they say they are going to do, at the price and in the timescale they promised. One further thing, he was not by any means the cheapest, but remember, you only get what you pay for. Don’t be drawn in by others at half the cost, because when they’ve got your car, and they tell you the turbo’s gone, or it needs this and it needs that, what are you going to do?! You’ve been caught!

Regards Will Dawkins”

“Hi Steve,

My car is running very well, I am so pleased with it and can’t thank you enough for doing a great job rebuilding the engine, and also being a pleasure to deal with.

Having my car back to its best is a massive relief !

Anyway, thanks again

Regards Andy Patterson”

“Another victim of the notorious N47 timing chain failure ! I was gutted to learn that my unspectacular breakdown in my BMW 123d was going to land me with a spectacular garage bill ! After searching the Internet for options I originally thought my cheapest fix was to source a second hand engine but then luckily chanced upon German prestige engines and spoke to Steve. Considering there was no guarantee I was going to use his services I was impressed at how willing he was to give advice and what turned out to be an accurate quote. When I realised that a replacement engine would not only be prone to failure at some point, it was an obvious choice to get back to Steve. He arranged collection of my car and then kept me up to date via text as to any progress. He kept to the completion date he said it would be done and there were no hidden surprises. I’ve now had the car back for a month and I can honestly say that it’s like driving it from new. I would highly recommend and it’s a shame that I can’t use Steve to maintain my car on a regular basis due to distance. Thanks again.”

“I have a BMW 535D that I seized solid by bending the con rods when I wnt through water (not a proud moment!). The insurance company wrote the car off but I knew if the engine was fixed the rest of the car was all good. I arranged a price and then looked for someone to do the work, I discovered the BMW uk had no idea how to strip an engine (just replace it for 14k) and everyone else just offered to swap my engine for an other from a scrap car, they gave me no confidence and as for the mileage of the engine they would just tell bare faced lies. Just as I was about to give up I found Steve, he totally knew his stuff and immediately gave me confidence. My car was delivered to him and very soon was completely finished and ready for collection. I ran it in for 1000 miles then carried on as normal. Its so refreshing to find someone that understands these complex engines and can actually strip them down and just replace the faulty parts. Ring steve and have confidence, he really does do a good job.”

Rupert Checkley.

“Hi Steve, just to say I’ve since had my first oil change and the car is running as well as ever! I wanted to send you this testimonial, hope it’s not too long!…”

“After the timing chain broke on my BMW 318D, I was 6 weeks without the car and struggling to find an independent garage who could repair the engine.. I was facing the prospect of either a potential £7K bill from the main dealer, or paying over £2K for a second hand engine that would have the same design fault. I then found Steve on eBay who was the answer to my problems.

He collected my car from Stockport, stripped, cleaned and rebuilt the engine using the new, tougher timing chains and also replaced the clutch with no extra labour charge. I did have to wait over a week as Steve was already busy doing the same job on other vehicles, but this gave me the comfort of knowing that he was an expert in this field and knew exactly what he was doing. Steve was very easy to deal with, and kept me regularly informed of progress without the need for me to chase. He wasn’t cheap, but I saved thousands by not going to the main dealer, and the car is now running even better than before, so I’m 100% satisfied.

If I were local, I would have definitely used Steve for all future jobs on my car. Alas, garages like his are few and far between.”
Thanks, Paul.