BMW Models M3, M5 & M6

The engine rod bearings in these BMW models experience excessive wear and consequently premature failure. Some engines have been known to fail within 60,000 miles.

This premature component failure appears to occur because the connecting rod bearing clearance to journal ratio for S65/S85 engines is smaller than recommended by engine builders. This lack of adequate clearance causes inadequate oil lubrication between the crank journal and the connecting rod bearings, resulting in premature wear of the rod bearings. Additionally, the debris produced by this process can damage the connecting rod bearings and other engine parts.

The original rod bearings (088/089) were manufactured from 2007 with several layers, including copper and lead. BMW released an updated rod bearing (702/703) around mid 2010 manufactured from tin & aluminium, coupled with a slight increase in bearing clearance value.

BMW owners should consider rod bearing replacement as preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of severe engine damage in the event of bearing failure.

Affected car models and engine codes:

Model No.Year RegisteredEngine Code
E90 M3
E92 M3
E93 M3
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,
2011, 2012, 2013
E92 M3 GTS2010, 2011S65B44
E90 M3 CRT2011S65B44
Model No.Year RegisteredEngine Code
E60 M5
E61 M5
2007, 2008S85B50
E63 M6
E64 M6
2010, 2011S85B50

Engine Rebuild Service

If your engine has been damaged by rod bearing failure, we can rebuild the damaged engine and fit the revised rod bearing kit supplied by BMW.

BMW M3 (S65) engine rebuild costs will be £8,000 – £10,000 + VAT

BMW M5 & M6 (S85) engine rebuild costs will be £12,000 – £14,000 + VAT

The large price variation depends on damaged engine components, which can only be properly assessed once the engine is stripped down in our workshop. All engine rebuilds use genuine BMW parts, including modified BMW rod-bearing shells.

About Prestige German Engines

We are BMW engine rebuild specialists providing a comprehensive rebuild service. Vehicle collection is available for an additional charge – please call for a quote.

We currently have a busy workshop, lead times can be 3-4weeks – please call to arrange your repair.

All BMW engine rebuilds include a 12 month (non-transferable) warranty.