BMW Engine Rebuild Service

We provide a complete engine rebuild service tailored specifically to individual customer requirements.

The majority of work that we undertake is focused around two prominent BMW engine damage scenarios which have prevailed in recent years.

We have detailed information pages for these engine failure scenarios:

These dedicated pages offer an insight into our BMW engine rebuild experience and the specialist skills required to properly rebuild an engine which has suffered extensive mechanical failure.

Other types of engine damage we repair:

  • Oil starvation – causing ‘bottom end failure’ – damage to big end bearings, crankshaft, main bearings
  • Water ingress / damage – causing hydraulicing of the engine, resulting in bent con rods

BMW M4 GTS (F82 / F83)

Here in the Prestige workshop, it’s always a pleasure to work on the latest BMW engines – especially when we get a chance to do what we do best and rebuild a damaged engine! We recently had the opportunity to rebuild an S55B30T0 engine from a BMW M4 GTS which had dramatically overheated and distorted the crankshaft and piston rods.